Tricia Brouwers

Communication Advocate, Legacy Creator, Executive Leader, Productivity Consultant

Tricia Brouwers

Communication Advocate, Legacy Creator, Executive Leader, Productivity Consultant

Impacting Lives Through Business

“Helping other people everywhere” is a motto that Tricia says she lives her life by. She is an international speaker, trainer, facilitator, and moderator conducting and supporting large and small-scale events. Her guidance helps others obtain extraordinary results in every area of their lives, work, personal, family, and spiritual. A Certified Life Coach holding multiple coaching credentials, coupled with her personal and professional life has led her on a journey speaking to and motivating audiences of 1 to 25,000. “My goal is to have the people I am privileged to interact with become the best version of themselves. “I LOVE WATCHING people make meaningful connections through impactful conversations. Where I can see the outcomes of individuals and teams implementing strategies to live their best lives personally and professionally!”

With 30 years of corporate experience, Tricia is a veteran in mortgages, sales and executive management while leading a Billion-dollar production team. She has built a brilliant platform of coaching Real Estate Professionals to achieve greater productivity in all areas of their lives and business’. This dynamic skill set translates onto many platforms ranging from small business to large corporations including for profit and non-profit organizations.

She has also been a longtime advocate for autism. Involved with Autism Speaks since its inception in 2005 she served as chairman of the board in Chicago and is currently serving as an advisory board member. Tricia has spoken to various audiences including television and radio on Autism and Advocacy related topics. She has conducted educational symposiums to increase education and awareness. With her extensive work in the non-profit sector, this skill set transfers to help other charitable organizations achieve success in having critical conversations and productivity strategies to achieve their goals. Additionally, Brouwers is the founder of HOPE GROVE, which is a private apple orchard she created as a vocational solution for her adult son with autism. Her hope is to expand the orchard to other people impacted by autism and to provide a sense of purpose and community to them.

Through all her commitments, Tricia continues to live out her passion: to positively impact the lives of others personally and professionally. Her passion for people shows up in every interaction you have with her and is only amplified when you meet her speaking on stage and leading powerful life altering workshops. Tricia is a change-maker, and he key for catalyzing that change is to help others realize that curiosity is a superpower.

Together you can create a legacy and reach the most amount of people, in the least amount of time, making the greatest amount of impact!

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Sample Presentations

From Serving to Solving

Are you a solution driven individual or team that are not achieving the results you know you are capable of?

From the perspective of a recovering “fixer” most people want to lead with solution as a quick fix to the perceived problem.

This “fixer” perspective can create adversity through certainty rather than creating trust through empathy.

To serve on the highest level possible and accomplish results that turn into relationships, there are critical steps in building trust that need to be accomplished. This simple framework is a brilliant solution to establishing trust that will move a relationship forward into opportunity providing the courage to take action in areas of life and business that matter most.

Who is this session for?

An individual contributor who wants to be an impact player in life and/or business. This is also for a team leader looking to serve their team on the highest level by helping them become a part of the solution process.

Why does this matter or why is it important?

Most people want to be known for making a difference but spend so much time muscling their way to a result. By time they get to the solution they are exhausted from their failed attempts and lack of support. By understanding who we are serving and enlisting them to be a part of the solution increases confidence and buy in from those around us. This is a brilliant foundation in our personal or professional lives to achieve more while gaining clarity and direction.

Key Takeaways:

Shift Your Perspective to Change Your Reality: Internal Conversations That Lead to External Results

Are you wanting to make a bigger impact and have greater productivity in all areas of your life and in the lives of those that matter most to you? From the dinner table to a closing table conversations matter.

Whether you‘re selling your services, negotiating a deal, or sharing advice, the words that you choose are critical if you want to achieve results. The internal dialogue before the external conversations influences your outcomes. If you choose the right words, then you might just get the thing that you most desire. But occasionally, when the stakes are high, your words can let you down. All too often you can quickly start talking before your mind has had a chance to catch up. The only way to combat an attack of “wordiness” is to prepare as much as possible and be truly ready for your Critical Conversations.

Who is this session for?

Anyone looking to create deeper connections with the people that matter most to you. Just imagine if you could:

Connect with your prospects, team members, colleagues, and/or family members and truly understand what they’re looking for.
Inspire, influence, and create demonstrably better results from every Critical Conversation.
Overcome objections that come your way.

Why does this matter or why is it important?

All too often we focus on the external conversations we are going to be having and neglect the conversations we are having with ourselves.

Focusing on the internal conversations before the external dialogue creates the alignment necessary to achieve deeper relationships and extraordinary results.

Key Takeaways:

Core Value Companion: Shifting From Adversary to Advocate

How to leverage your core values while impacting others to discover purpose and possibilities

Are you wanting to make a bigger impact in all areas of your life and in the lives of those that matter most to you?

Are you curious about:

How do I dig deeper and discover purpose in the critical conversations that matter most?
What one step can I take today to impact tomorrow?
Where does advocacy start and stop?

From the dinner table to a conference table conversations matter. As a mom of an adult living with Autism and an executive leader,

Tricia spends her work and home life advocating to help others discover everyone has purpose and a voice.

Who is this session for?

Ideal for individuals or teams of all levels that are looking to learn how core values can be identified and used to discover purpose and possibilities, to achieve outcomes in the most areas of life and business.

Why does this matter or why is it important?

Just imagine the perspective change when someone knows you are in their corner rather than backing them into one.

By deepening relationships and increasing results in your home, community, or place of business you are living proof that if we change our words, we can change our world.

Key Takeaways:

From Moment One to Momentum: How To Start a Conversation in a Room Full Of Strangers To Grow Visibility And Start Earning Trust

If there are two types of people – introverts and extroverts which one, do you think would be most successful in a networking situation?

Most people may jump to the conclusion that it is the extrovert. Is it possible that the introvert could be better as they are more comfortable with silence? Before you make up your mind that this may not be for you, just imagine if you were able to walk into a room full of strangers and walk out with an established foundation that could contribute to your personal and professional life in the most meaningful ways. In this powerful session you will learn that fears can become opportunities with a slight change in perspective. 6 practical steps you can start applying to initiate conversations, 3 tips in building trust. If the saying is true, you only have one chance to make a first impression than this is one session you won’t want to miss.

Who is this session for?

Anyone who wants to create success for themselves and others by increased visibility while creating credibility. Whether you are a extrovert or introvert this simple framework will help guide you from initial conversations that lead to relationship increasing opportunities by a few actions that lead to extraordinary results.

Why does this matter or why is it important?

Can you think of a time where you went to a networking event and the result was not working? You only have so much time and energy in a day. It is possible by leveraging time and opportunity by the quality of conversations you have allowing you to achieve more in less time? Just imagine what you can do with that extra time.

Key Takeaways:


Tricia focuses on where she can make an impact. She sets her sights, and her expectations, high. She has the incredible ability to bring even the most reticent into the fold. And, I think it’s because her bravery, along with her wonderful ability to build bridges and bring people together make her a leader that people follow. It’s like she brings light into the room with her positive energy, enthusiasm and warm heart.
Liz K, Executive Director/NFP

Tricia Brouwers is not only the best person I know, she is the best person anyone has ever known. She is so incredible, I named both of my children Tricia and one of them is a boy. Superman actually borrows her cape.
Steve R, National Speaker and Trainer

I have attended several of Tricia’s speaking engagements and all I can say is “WOW”! No need for coffee or Red Bull as a stimulant when Tricia is presenting. Her energy level, smart analogies and engaging candor with her audience is nothing short of riveting. What spinach was to Popeye – what hair was to Samson – Tricia Brouwers is to ANYONE needing a personal and professional boost to their lives.
Tim P, SVP Sales


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For over 30 years, Tricia Brouwers has been helping leaders and sales professionals to realize more of their potential. With a detailed experience of the Real Estate, Mortgage Industry, Leadership and High Performing Teams she has had the opportunity to work with people in almost every area of life and across almost all of North America. Her passion for people shows up in every interaction you have with her and is only amplified when you meet her speaking on stage and leading powerful, life-altering workshops. As a mom of an adult living with Autism and an executive leader, Tricia spends her work and home life advocating to help others discover everyone has purpose and a voice. Tricia is a change-maker and her key for catalyzing that change is to help others realize that curiosity is a superpower.


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