Tanis Roeder

Communication Expert and Professional Confidence Builder

Tanis Roeder

Communication Expert and Professional Confidence Builder

Engaging, Actionable, and Relevant Content for Your Next Event!

If you are looking for a speaker who will equip your attendees with actionable skills that they can use to enhance both their professional and personal lives you have come to the right place!

Communication skills are always high on the list of things to be taught, but we all know a skills lecture won’t land with any audience. This is exactly why Tanis has spent the last decade developing high-energy, interactive content, to ensure it lands in a powerful and lasting way and that everyone in attendance walks away with something valuable.

Whether it’s a keynote, breakout session, or workshop, Tanis is renowned for her ability to deliver valuable content that actively engages everyone in the room. And hey, science even backs her methods up – getting people involved enhances retention exponentially, which means you’re getting more bang for your buck!

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Unlocking Success: Bridging the Gap Between Thought and Expression

Mastering the art of conveying our thoughts and ideas effectively is paramount for success in life. However, the journey from our minds to our mouths can often feel like a daunting obstacle course, inhibiting our ability to truly connect with our audience.

This program is meticulously crafted to empower individuals of all proficiency levels. Through practical tools and techniques, participants will gain the confidence to articulate themselves confidently in any setting, whether addressing a small group or a larger audience. Prepare to unleash your voice and leave a lasting impression.

Key Takeaways:

Elevate Your Communication, Expand Your Impact

In today’s fast-paced world, exceptional communication skills are no longer just a luxury—they’re essential for success. From quickly establishing connections to navigating conversations with finesse, understanding individual preferences, and delving into motivations, the demands of effective communication can feel overwhelming.

Join us for an enlightening and interactive keynote designed to explore the intricacies of exceptional communication. By learning about physical, verbal, and emotional skills, we’ll uncover the subtle yet impactful elements that elevate communication in any setting. Whether you’re a seasoned communicator or just starting out, you’ll leave with practical insights and actionable strategies to enhance your communication effectiveness immediately.

Key Takeaways:


Over the past 8 years POWER Engineers has seen a dramatic improvement in the presentation skills of our executives, managers, and engineers. These improved skills are evidenced in external client meetings, proposal presentations and industry forums as well as internal presentations of all flavors. These skills, expertly taught by Tanis Roeder of Elevate Your Communication, have enabled POWER to professionally communicate our expertise, innovation, and project execution skills. This has enabled us to solidify our industry-leading positions in the power delivery, power generation, food processing, and environmental consulting industries.
Ron Carrington, Chairman, POWER Engineers, Inc.

Tanis was one of our Keynote speakers at our Rotary PETS conference and was a big hit! She captivated the room of 400 volunteers with her contagious enthusiasm and used personal stories that everyone could relate to. The hands-on leadership activity she designed for our event was very powerful and had everyone laughing while they were learning. I loved that the lessons learned were immediately implementable for all of the leaders in the room and look forward to having Tanis back to speak at future events!
PDG Bill Emslie, President Rotary Club of Fort Collins, After Work

Potatoes USA employees give numerous presentations to industry groups, target market audiences and government officials. These audiences’ range 20 – 30 to over 500 and have varying levels of engagement and understanding of the topics and content. It is critical for our presentations to be succinct, informative, easy to understand and engaging. Tanis has done an amazing job of training staff of all levels and experience to not only present to the fullest of their ability but also to develop presentations that are eye-catching and complementary to presentations. It has been a complete transformation of our abilities that has been roundly applauded by our audiences.
John Toaspern, Chief Marketing Officer, Potatoes USA


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Tanis stumbled into the world of speaking and communication skills in a rather memorable way – by forgetting her prepared speech in front of hundreds of her peers as a teenager. Determined to conquer her fear, she spent over a decade diving deep into mastering the art of effective communication. Fast forward another ten years, and she’s been busy helping countless professionals across various industries boost their communication confidence.

Tanis Roeder, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is a proud member of the National Speakers Association, a Certified Emergnenetics Instructor, and an Exactly What to Say Guide. She is also a Rotarian and an active community volunteer who believes that giving back to the world is why we are here, that your perspective can always be more positive, and that you are better at things than you give yourself credit for!


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