Paul M. Caffrey

Sales Speaker

Paul M. Caffrey

Sales Speaker

Discover the Hidden Habits of Elite Sales Professionals to Outperform the Competition

How do elite sales professionals outperform the competition? They do “The Work Before the Work”, it’s the piece of the puzzle that most people miss. Share the “Hidden” habits with your sales team today, and watch their sales results soar tomorrow.

If you’re seeking a speaker to make your prospecting & sales approaches more effective while also captivating your audience, Paul M. Caffrey is the unparalleled choice.

Paul’s expertise in sales and prospecting is not just theoretical but steeped in the practical wisdom and strategies outlined in his influential book he co-authored with the founder of EWTS Phil M. Jones, “The Work Before the Work, The Hidden Habits Elite Sales Professionals Use to Outperform the Competition”.

Released in 2022, the book was written over a three year period and goes deep on what it takes to become a top performing sales professional. This work was the culmination of Paul’s 14 year sales career (Selling Microsoft Cloud, Salesforce & Saas); he became somewhat of a sales philosopher, constantly taking on new concepts and ideas from books and leaders in the sales industry. Keeping what sold more and discarding what didn’t.

Today, The Work Before the Work is operationalising repeatable, scalable and predictable sales processes for startups. It’s helping Account Executives in top tier Saas companies prospect better and sell more. It’s helping sales leaders improve the performance of their sales teams. As a result Paul continues to gain insights into the reality of today’s sales challenges, making him a vital resource for any team looking to improve their sales results.

Preparation really is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to elite sales performance. Paul opens people’s eyes to their potential to leverage this and make the most of the opportunities that come into their world.

His presentations are a blend of compelling storytelling, actionable insights, and real-world case studies that keep the audience engaged and inspired.

If your aim is to host an event where your audience not just learns but leaves equipped with actionable strategies for increasing sales results, Paul M. Caffrey is your ideal speaker. He brings a dynamic, insightful perspective to mastering sales preparation, making him an invaluable addition to any event focused on sales excellence.

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Discover How Elite Sales Professionals Outperform the Competition

6 High-Impact Sales Habits Hidden in Plain Sight

The Hidden Habits of Elite Sales Professionals reveals the engrained practices of top achievers in sales, emphasizing the significance of preparation, which anyone can use to outperform the competition. Aimed at sales professionals e.g. account executives, this speech is a guide to embedding elite habits into daily sales efforts, highlighting the transformative impact of a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence. Attendees will leave with actionable strategies to elevate their sales performance beyond conventional methods.

This entertaining, motivational and most importantly – actionable talk will be unforgettable for salespeople.

Key Takeaways:

Cultivating a Culture of Preparedness to Outsell the Competition

The Revolutionary Impact of Anticipation in Sales

In “Cultivating a Culture of Preparedness to Outsell the Competition,” attendees will explore the transformative power of anticipatory strategies in sales. This talk delves into how “The Work Before the Work” philosophy can significantly bolster sales leadership and overall team performance.

It highlights the essential role of leaders in creating a culture where preparation and strategic planning are not just encouraged but embedded in the DNA of the sales process. Attendees will learn practical techniques for instilling habits in sales teams that drive them to not only meet but exceed their sales targets through disciplined preparation and execution.

This session promises to equip sales leaders with the tools needed to foster a competitive edge and secure a dominant position in the market.

Key Takeaways:

The Work Before Knowing Exactly What to Say to Sell More

The Unseen Art of Preparation that Amplifies Persuasion

Combining the profound insights of “The Work Before the Work, The Hidden Habits Elite Sales Professionals Use to Outperform the Competition” with “Exactly What to Say, The Magic Words for Influence and Impact,” this talk is a masterclass for sales teams eager to win more deals.

Paul M Caffrey leverages two aspects of selling anyone can use to improve their sales results. The big problem is most don’t know how, and others “don’t know” what to do.

In sales, combining preparation and knowing exactly what to say is a game-changer. This amplifies any sales process, as salespeople become elite operators.

The best part? Salespeople leave this talk with a preparation framework for every sales situation. Salespeople take persuasive phrases they can use in their next sales conversations.

Paul M. Caffrey is uniquely positioned to share insights having co-authored “The Work Before the Work” with EWTS Founder Phil M. Jones over a three year period. He also used and implemented “Exactly What to Say” in real world sales environments.

It underscores the synergy between meticulous preparation and the strategic use of persuasive language as pivotal to closing more deals and achieving sales excellence. Sales professionals will gain actionable strategies to refine their approach, ensuring they’re not just prepared but also persuasive in every sales interaction.

This is a powerful talk for founders and sales teams starting out, those in competitive sales environments such as real estate, recruitment and Saas Software sellers.

Key Takeaways:


A fantastic balance of tactical, strategic and advice proven to drive consistent high performance.
Natasha Darcy Souza, Sales Excellence, Google

A great framework that will elevate you to the next level and help you become an even better seller.
Hanna Larsson, CEO & Founder, Huntrs

Absolutely fantastic and highly, highly recommended. Sales teams executing this win more deals.
Bob Burg, Best Selling Author of “The Go-Giver”

Outlines a framework to ensure that you leave no stone unturned and deliver the results that make this job so rewarding.
Jonathan Hill, Regional Vice President, Salesforce

Breaks down exactly what it takes to consistently perform at the top 1% level every single year.
Marcus A. Chan, Founder, 6-Figure Sales Academy

A proven framework that makes it easy to follow and impossible to fail, and sets you up for success.
Sylvie di Giusto, Award-winning International Speaker


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The Story Behind "The Work Before the Work"

Full Presentation - The Hidden Habits of Elite Sales Professionals

Speaker Recommendation by Meridith Elliott Powell, CSP, CPAE

Speaker Recommendation by U.S. Olympian Johnny Quinn


Paul M. Caffrey is an international speaker, seasoned sales expert, and co-author of “The Work Before the Work, The Hidden Habits Elite Sales Professionals Use to Outperform the Competition” a pivotal book on sales preparation he co-authored with Phil M. Jones, the founder of EWTS. Paul’s passion is helping ambitious sales professionals, sales leaders and founders operate at an elite level, and driving exceptional sales results.

Dedicated to the advancement of sales excellence, Paul has become a “go to” figure for insights on sales preparation, scalable, repeatable sales processes, and sales leadership. With nearly two decades of experience, his keynotes offer rich, actionable strategies, empowering sales professionals to thrive in this ever changing market.

Paul is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands and most innovative start up/scale-up tech companies.

Paul is somewhat a philosopher of sales, having spent nearly 20 years applying theory from top sales books and industry leaders in real selling environments. Keeping what works, discarding what does not. The foundations for this can be found in his background, highly educated in science, with a masters in business management.

Beyond his speaking engagements, Paul’s influence extends through his work as a mentor and coach to salespeople and sales leaders, not to mention he is active in many start-up communities. His engaging narrative on preparation to achieve elite sales performance and practical advice have established him as a sought-after sales expert and authority.

When he is not on stage, Paul loves nothing more than spending time with his wife and two young daughters. Splitting time between Ireland and Brazil, squeezing in as many churrasco BBQs as possible!


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