Nathan Littleton

Marketing Speaker

Nathan Littleton

Marketing Speaker

Staying top of mind isn't about being the loudest; it's about being the most valuable and memorable

If you’re looking for a speaker who can transform your organization’s marketing strategies and keep your audience engaged, Nathan is the perfect choice.

Nathan’s journey in the marketing world began at just 12 years old. Since then, he’s built a reputation for crafting emails that your audience can’t ignore. With a client roster that includes heavyweights like Microsoft, Virgin Care, and the BBC, Nathan’s approach to email marketing has been tried, tested, and proven successful.

Having founded an agency that sends over a million emails annually for clients means Nathan isn’t just speaking from theory, but from rich, practical experience. He knows what works and, more importantly, why it works.

His expertise in email marketing is a crucial component of his broader strategy to keep your brand top of mind. He understands how to integrate email marketing into an overarching marketing strategy that ensures your brand remains at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

His sessions are a mix of humor, insights, and real-world examples that keep the audience engaged and enlightened.

If your goal is to host an event where your audience not only gains knowledge but leaves with a clear, actionable plan to keep your brand top of mind, Nathan Littleton is your go-to speaker. He brings a fresh, energetic perspective to the art of staying top of mind, making him an invaluable asset for any event focused on marketing and audience engagement.

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The Email Marketing Blueprint

While other marketing methods have come and gone, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing methods there is. Learning how to stay top of mind with your prospects and clients, and how to find the opportunities to sell without ‘being all spammy’ is the key to making it work for your business.

In ‘The Email Marketing Blueprint’, I’ll show you how to get the three pillars of effective email marketing working in your business.

Available as a keynote speech, 2-3 hour masterclass or full day workshop.

Key Takeaways:

Delivered: LIVE

Telling your audience how to use email marketing is one thing, showing them exactly how it’s done is a whole other. In ‘Delivered: Live’ I lay everything on the table and set to work on creating an email campaign for a member of your audience, live from the stage.

But that’s not all. Together, we’ll push the button and see exactly what results it gets: opens, clicks and even replies to their inbox!

Available as a 2-3 hour masterclass or full day workshop.

Key Takeaways:

Credibility Marketing

Lack of trust costs brands trillions of dollars each and every year, and that figure is growing in a world of rapidly-changing consumer needs. Credibility Marketing gives you the new rules for attracting customers who believe what you say far and above your competitors’ repeated broken promises.

Available as a keynote speech, 2-3 hour masterclass or full day workshop.

Key Takeaways:


Nathan’s speech was 10 out of 10; he created a truly positive impact with the audience. His speech provided the learners with real inspiration and positivity.
Abbie-Louise Hellyer, Microsoft Partner Apprentice Program

If there’s anything that Nathan doesn’t know about email marketing I’d be very surprised. A really informative talk with practical exercises around lead magnets to build our lists with real prospects. Professionally delivered by an obvious expert.
Della Hudson

Nathan is a speaker I’ve heard many times, and the best part about him – he never stops surprising you! He is very engaging, knowledgable and on point! Book Nathan to speak at your conference or event. He will certainly be your best speaker!
Olga Geidane

Nathan presented a piece about email marketing at the VSAI recently that I loved! He presents eloquently with such simplicity, you’d be a fool not to action his teachings. And that’s of course what I did – changed my newsletter completely! The open rate and click-through rates have both shot up, but more importantly – I have received incredible feedback from this latest email. Thanks, Nathan for sharing so generously – it’s changed my view on email marketing completely!
Chantelle Botha, VIP Catalyst

What was achieved with your support in just five days is now without doubt helping our members grow their businesses even more. Something they could never have done on their own in a week. Anyone who wants to get the most out of their email marketing, or have their team get the most out of their email marketing should spend a week with Nathan.
Cheryl Crichton, Make Marketing Happen Club


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20 Min Presentation - The Email Marketing Blueprint

Full Presentation - Credibility Marketing


Nathan Littleton is a marketer, professional speaker and author who specialises in helping businesses to grow by attracting and winning more customers. 

Each year he sends more than a million emails on behalf of his clients, and his proven track record has led to him working with leading brands including Microsoft, Virgin Care and the BBC.

Having started his first business, building websites from his bedroom at the age of just 12, he quickly built a reputation for his unique take on email marketing and growing businesses by sending truly un-deletable emails. 

Since then, he has made it his mission to give businesses the insights and tools to take their marketing campaigns from good to great, leveraging nearly 20 years of experience in the marketing world.

As an in-demand conference speaker, Nathan speaks regularly on email marketing, content creation and marketing strategy with the perfect blend of energy, insight and actionable advice. He was also the youngest ever National President of the Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland.

He is the author of two books: “Delivered: The No-nonsense Guide to Successful Email Marketing” and “Opened: Great Subject Lines for Higher Email Open Rates”.

When he’s not speaking, writing or sending emails, Nathan is a long-suffering Aston Villa soccer fan, stand-up comedy fanatic and proud geek.


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