Kevin Boyle

Dynamic Communication Speaker

Kevin Boyle

Dynamic Communication Speaker

Transformative communication for companies, organizations, and individuals.

Kevin Boyle is a dynamic and engaging speaker renowned for his exceptional ability to blend humor, effectiveness, and positivity into his presentations. With expertise in communication, customer service, leadership, and positive self-talk, Kevin brings a unique and captivating perspective to the stage.

His talks are not only informative but also infused with a lighthearted touch that keeps audiences both entertained and enlightened. Whether addressing a small team, a large organization, or an industry conference, Kevin’s charismatic delivery and insightful content make him a perfect fit for any group seeking to enhance their interpersonal skills and professional development.

Kevin’s versatile approach ensures that his messages resonate with diverse audiences, making him an ideal choice for companies, organizations, and groups across various sectors. His ability to inspire positive change through relatable anecdotes and practical strategies makes Kevin Boyle a sought-after speaker for those looking to foster better communication, elevate customer service standards, cultivate strong leadership, and instill a positive mindset within their teams.

With Kevin at the helm, any event or gathering is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on individuals eager to enhance their personal and professional lives.

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Sample Presentations

How Do I Know Exactly What To Say®? - How To Create Genuine Influence In All Aspects of Life

Most training sessions discussing creating influence and increased conversion in sales center around traditional scripts.  Kevin shows how you can create genuine, unique interactions with clients and leads using the Exactly What To Say framework of communication.  He highlights the Four Cornerstones of Conversational Excellence, the Critical Ingredients of Influential Conversations, and the Magic Words & Phrases included in the best selling book by Phil M. Jones.  Attendees will see how these Magic Words & Phrases can create real conversations that lead to relationships and opportunities thereby increasing influence and conversion in their sales.

Who is this session for?

This session is for anyone looking to reset or refresh their communication toolkit.  This framework helps both individuals and companies to create more genuine and empathetic interactions in all areas of the business or lives.

What to expect to learn and then be empowered to do?

Attendees will leave focused on actionable next steps to better their communication at work and at home.

Why does this matter or why is this important?

Creating a consistent communication strategy in all aspects of your life translates to more meaningful and intentional conversations while removing the necessity or perception of having to codeshift between these interactions.

“If you could be the same person at work as your are at home, and vice versa, would that be helpful? If I told you that you no longer had to put on different hats or acts, would that be helpful? If I told you that there is a way to approach all conversations the same way, would that be helpful?”

Not Every Conversation Is A Transaction - How To Increase Sales & Spark New Business

Sometimes the biggest obstacle in creating forward momentum in life and work is the hesitation to initiate new conversations.  But more often than not, we treat these conversations as transactions and not genuine interactions with no strings attached.  Kevin helps to create a framework and approach that not only makes starting new conversations easier, but his approach outlines how these new conversations form relationships and create opportunities.  Using humor and his own journey, it becomes clear the impact this work has had on himself, others, and how attendees can begin to apply it in their lives.

Who is this session for?

This session is for attendees or companies looking for a fresh perspective on communication techniques which can boost sales, productivity, positive company culture, and individual morale.

What to expect to learn and then be empowered to do?

Attendees will feel empowered to revisit their daily conversations and interactions at work and at home, leading to more meaningful and productive results.

Why does this matter or why is this important?

This talk can help refocus your company’s approach to boosting sales, improving company culture, and improving individual morale.

“Stop treating every conversation like it’s a transaction.”

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me - How To Create Effective & Positive Self-Talk

With a background in comedy, Kevin brings a light hearted and humorous look to  creating positive and effective self-talk.  He covers what he believes to be the most critical conversation we have on a daily basis – the one with ourselves.  He illustrates that until you have more effective and positive self-talk, it can be challenging to have more meaningful conversations with others.

Who is this session for?

This session is for anyone from stay-at-home moms to professional athletes – people looking to have better conversations with themselves no matter what industry or situation they are in.

What to expect to learn and then be empowered to do?

Attendees will learn a straightforward and easily replicable approach to better internal dialogue.

Why does this matter or why is this important?

By removing negative narratives and feedback loops, this approach helps bolster confidence, optimism, and intentional thinking.

“The best time to think about how you feel about something is in the moment you are feeling it.”


This session makes you step back and realize how to control a conversation. Kevin helped open my eyes for multiple situations. Including conversations that relate to my marriage, my feral 4 year old daughter, co-workers, and members that I service everyday. I immediately spoke to my management team about booking Kevin for all of our employees to hear how much I enjoyed his session.
Maddie S., Consumer Loan Officer – Calhoun Liberty Credit Union

Impactful and relevant to all aspects of life.
Gabe C., Membership And Community Development Officer – Eglin Federal Credit Union

Great info. Very succinct and to the point. Lots of valuable info.
Taylor L., Property Manager – Pointe South

I have been through many customer service training sessions and this was one of the best sessions I have attended. I appreciated how you used personal examples throughout your talk.
Stephanie P., Retail Manager – Mercantile

An engaging, meaningful session that you can apply to both your personal and work life.
Lindsey D., Public Information Officer – Walton County Sheriff’s Office

Kevin was a wonderful speaker and I plan to implement the strategy he provided.
Mike S., Title Officer – Legacy House Title


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Kevin Boyle is a speaker/coach, business consultant, real estate advisor, and Exactly What to Say® Certified Guide. With a passion for transformative communication, Kevin harnesses the power of Exactly What to Say® and other techniques to enhance personal, professional, team, and company-wide interactions.

Kevin is an adept instructor who outlines effective strategies, such as eliminating finish lines and skillfully managing expectations. His extensive experience has taught him that striving to be the brightest mind in the room can hinder progress. True success flourishes when attention is directed outward, fostering genuine connections.

His insights and expertise are conveyed through engaging keynote speeches, thought-provoking podcast dialogues, and immersive virtual training. By seamlessly intertwining humor and personal anecdotes, he underscores the significance of forging impactful relationships. His dedication to propelling others toward success resonates in every facet of his work.


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