Jodi Orgill Brown

Interactional Leadership and Resilience Expert, Brain Tumor Survivor

Jodi Orgill Brown

Interactional Leadership and Resilience Expert, Brain Tumor Survivor

Leading isn't about status, it's about interacting with intention to create impact

Interactional Leadership and Resilience Expert. Champion Storyteller. Award-winning Author. Brain Tumor Survivor.

Do you need your people to take ownership and lead, rather than follow? Is your organization ready to move from doing “transactions” to building relationships?

Maybe it’s time your leaders and teams got a shot in the arm to help them grow together and lead through their interactions. Jodi is the antidote to deliver grit, resilience, and intention to boost effort and increase impact.

Surviving a life-threatening brain tumor (16 procedures and counting) taught Jodi about much more than just surgeries and shots. She learned about humanity, connection, resilience, and leading through actions. Combine that with multiple degrees, two decades of business experience, and hundreds of stages, and she is THE speaker to inspire audiences to own their impact, create community, and lead at any level of the organization.

Her keynotes and sessions are a mix of storytelling, principles for growth, real-world examples, and always a bit of fun, to keep the audience engaged and leave them feeling inspired and ready to change the world.

From the first minute to the last, Jodi’s authenticity brings people in and makes them part of the presentation. Expect laughter, tears, pin-drop moments, and powerful take aways for all.

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Own Your Impact: The Transformational Power of Interactional Leadership

When you need your people to take ownership and lead, rather than follow, bring Jodi in to demonstrate the transformational power of interactional leadership.

Discover lessons from real-world scenarios that will empower your people to adopt an outward focus to increase outcomes. Hear stories of daily life and near death that demonstrate that every interaction leaves an impact, either negative or positive. This program will help your people understand that HOW they do their job matters, beyond being able to “check the box” at the completion of a task.

Your leaders and teams will learn to improve their personal ROI: Relationships, Outcomes, and Interactions. Using this improved ROI will up-level their influence, impact, and ability to do the right thing, as well as to connect better to team members, clients, and customers.

Come along for the ride, because you’ll learn about sailing ships of old, and leadership anew, and your audience will be captivated at every port!

Key Takeaways:

Resilience Upgraded: Using Anti-fragility to GROW through Change

What do you do when the unexpected happens? When a new technology upsets your entire labor-based industry? Or you lose business because a shutdown forces you to close your doors?

You can either give up, or GROW up.

Strengthen your individual, team, and organizational capacity to thrive in the face of upheaval. Learn how to respond amidst stressors so you adapt quickly, improve results, minimize disruption, camouflage your weaknesses, and improve organizational outcomes.

No matter the change, or level of adversity, your employees and organization will be better equipped and more confident to handle stressors — from pandemics, industry innovations, to bursting bubbles.

Key Takeaways:

The Art of Story-selling for Business

Stories are 22x more memorable than facts alone, so why are you using stats and facts to sell your products and services?

Champion storyteller and award-winning author, Jodi Orgill Brown, can help you transform how you look at selling in business.

“Every decision is made emotionally before it is made physically, so you must FIRST sell to your buyer’s emotions. Story-sell them on why they need what you have to offer, and they will be ready to buy in record time.”

This program takes you through the art and science behind how to ENGAGE your prospects by telling your best stories (and sometimes your worst experiences) to create relatability, buy-in, trust, and connection. Be ready to have fun, dig deep, and explore your stories to sell your services.

Key Takeaways:

Exactly What to Say® to Lead with Intention

Are you ready to up-level your ability to impact?

Prepare to learn principles, tools, and skills to change your world by changing your words. Based on the best-selling book and program, Exactly What to Say(C), by Phil M. Jones, Jodi Orgill Brown, (a certified EWTS guide) takes you through the foundational principles and Magic Words to help you develop conversational excellence and lead with intention.

Jodi’s work in interactional leadership and resilience, combined with Exactly What to Say, means your audience will have powerful stories, lessons, examples, and specific tools to build trust, improve relationships, and increase influence, impact, and outcomes. Whew, that is a big ROI that is worth the investment.

Audiences will feel like they are sitting in the seat next to Jodi, riding with her through powerful experiences. But they will still be surprised when stories provide tiny, massive lessons and change their mindsets immediately and permanently.

When you want your leaders and teams to lead and live with more intention, let them journey with Jodi to learn Exactly What to Say to change lives.

Key Takeaways:

PurposeFULL and Positive: Mental Health Resilience to Rise Above Adversity

Are you ready for your people to support each other in and through the ups and downs of real life? (Not just their work.) Then this program is for you.

As a brain tumor survivor and author of “Rise Above Depression”, Jodi presents powerful stories and information to help audiences understand the basic science of mental health challenges and treatment methods (and their impact), as well as whole-person centered approaches to encourage healing. She uncovers tips for discovering daily happiness and creating a work culture where positivity abounds.

Learn how to support struggling colleagues and set the stage for a positive work environment for all. Jodi’s authenticity, raw experiences, and humanity deliver impactful messages of resilience, antifragility, and finding the strength to press on.

Key Takeaways:


Every once in a while, we encounter an individual who changes us, powerfully, and permanently. Jodi Orgill Brown is that person. Her perspective, perseverance, resilience, and teaching principles are inspiring.
Shawn Moon, CEO, Zerorez

Looking for a powerful & memorable keynote speaker? Jodi is your answer. I’m very picky about who we bring in to speak to our community of high-level entrepreneurs & business leaders. All I can say is Jodi rocked the room in teaching us about the incredible power of storytelling and interacting with intent. From laughter to tears, she penetrated our hearts & minds. If you’re wanting a truly transformative experience for your people, get Jodi as your speaker. There’s no one on earth like her & what she delivers is phenomenal.
Mike Burnett, Founder, Prosper 360

I had the honor of listening to Jodi speak at a company event. In 27 years of corporate sales, I’ve been fortunate enough to hear many outstanding motivational speakers. Without hesitation, I can say Jodi’s story was absolutely the best and most impactful I’ve ever heard. What a gift it was to learn from and be inspired by her!
Preston Cole, Division Sales Manager, AstraZeneca

Want to create change by activating the best in your team? Bring Jodi Orgill Brown to the stage and your team will never be the same. In three decades of leading, teaching, and speaking, I have not encountered a more high-impact, heart-felt, inspiring speaker than Jodi. Her secret formula? Using her business expertise plus her own incredible story to uncover in each of us the resolve and sense of purpose that comes with realizing that ‘Every interaction is a chance to change a life.’
Susan Hendrich, Director, Leadership & Capabilities, AstraZeneca

Jodi is dynamic, charismatic, and she’s compiled years of business experience, plus harrowing personal experiences, into widely-applicable lessons for growth. She engages individuals to become invested, in themselves and in their company and clients.
Kevin Eastman, CEO Weber Human Services

Jodi presented to the entire staff of our bank as a leadership training. It was fantastic and she clearly owns and lives the strength she was teaching us. She is a real life example of being vulnerable and strong at the same time. Those are hard qualities to mirror and she showed how to do it both through her personal example and the content she taught. Her presentation had real life skills, not just theories that our team could implement and her energy makes her immediately likable.
Jon Croasmun, Senior vice President, Bank of Utah


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Jodi Orgill Brown is a strategist-turned-survivor on a mission to help leaders and teams improve interpersonal interactions and grow stronger from change. She is a resilience & antifragility expert, professional speaker, award-winning author, champion storyteller, certified business coach and consultant, and a brain tumor survivor.

She’s taught and inspired thousands of organizational leaders to influence through their interactions, tell stories to sell, and grow through challenges. Jodi helps individuals thrive through speaking and business coaching, resilience, speaking, and communication courses, and through her inspirational YouTube channel.

She earned a master’s degree in organizational leadership & communication, a bachelor’s degree in public relations, and loves her work as an Exactly What to Say® Certified Guide.

When organizations like Comcast, AstraZeneca, Coldwell Banker, and United Way want their people to grow together through change, they reach out to Jodi.

Jodi and her husband, Tolan, live in an idyllic mountain valley in Northern Utah, where they are raising four children.


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