Dave Inglis

Family & Leadership Coach

Dave Inglis

Family & Leadership Coach

Lead Your Most Important Team in the Moments That Matter

Dave Inglis, the catalyst for hearts and minds in leadership, unfolds a playbook of triumph against life’s odds. Dubbed “the corporate therapist,” Dave empowers leaders and organizations with insights at the crossroads of personal development and business.

From a life-altering hockey accident at 15, founding the Concussion Toolbox, catalyzing 100+ businesses at Wilfrid Laurier University and influencing major entities like the Royal Canadian Air Force, Dave’s journey reflects resilience and innovation. CEO of Threshold Leadership and author of Chief Family Officer, he champions the importance of leading in all areas of life, and the transformative impact of leading with love, making him a favoured speaker in CEO and executive circles across North America.

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Friction to Fusion: Exactly What to Say to Transform Conflict into Collaboration

Friction to Fusion unveils the secrets to conversational excellence, teaching leaders how to leverage curiosity and strategic questions to transform conflict into collaboration. This keynote goes beyond theory, providing tactical insights on swiftly repairing relationships, how to ask for what you need without fear, and leveraging tension to change perspectives. Working with David Inglis, this customized keynote promises to show your leaders how to use conflict to build strong, secure, and collaborative relationships in business and in life.

Key Takeaways:

Beyond Words: The Art of Exceptional Customer Conversations

The Beyond Words keynote unveils the secrets to providing world-class customer service, especially when delivering tough messages or navigating complex scenarios. Throughout this keynote, customer-facing leaders will discover how to use questions to control critical conversations and cultivate unprecedented levels of empathy and relatability with customers. Working with David Inglis, this customized keynote promises to teach your team how to uncover customer needs swiftly, expedite resolutions, and create interactions that leave customers truly wowed.

Key Takeaways:

Feedback Without Fear: Transforming Under-Performance into Growth Opportunities

Many leaders shy away from critical conversations and providing constructive feedback, hindering team growth. In the Feedback Without Fear keynote, your leaders will learn how to confidently deliver constructive feedback to address underperformance and fuel team growth. Going beyond theory, Dave Inglis will equip your leaders with the precise questions and phrases to transform fear into a catalyst for coaching team members to step into their potential.

Key Takeaways:


We chose Dave as the closing keynote speaker for our annual conference because of the amount of energy he truly brings to a room. His style, real-life stories and the way he speaks from the heart is exactly the inspiration our leaders needed to build their most important relationships.
Jatinder Bassi, Conference Chair – Canadian Insurance Accountants Association

We really appreciated not only that Dave came with this whole body of knowledge, but he really wanted to hear about us and understand what we were looking for. He did a great job personalizing his keynote presentation to hit the mark. Seeing my members so engaged throughout the keynote made me feel great about our choice to bring Dave in to kick-off our Forum for Excellence conference this year.
Sarah Goldammer, Director of Southern Illinois Professional Development Centre

Dave’s energy is truly fantastic. Our organising committee was so impressed by how how engaged our audience was. We couldn’t believe how many people were writing down the questions and big ideas as Dave was speaking. It’s great because that means our members are taking something back with them.
Dr. Aimee Julian, Director of Specialized Professional Support Illinois State University

We brought Dave in to coach and challenge our senior leaders how to elevate the quality of their most important conversations. We were blown away by Dave’s ability to apply his expertise to the unique situations and challenges in our business. As senior leaders, the learning from our experience with Dave is going to impact every aspect of our business.
Jessica Kuepfer, Director of Communication, Home Hardware


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Dave is a life-altering leadership coach and speaker who teaches leaders and their teams how to use Strategic Solitude to build a great business and, more importantly, a great LIFE, at EXACTLY the same time.

He first came across Exactly What to Say at a personal development conference called EPIC in Toronto, Ontario. The methodology immediately resonated with him as it equipped him with the magic words to empower his clients to clarity into courage.

Dave has experience working across multiple industries and his clients all have one thing in common. They care about achieving positive outcomes in ALL their key relationships, both at home and at work.

He creates this impact through immersive workshops with leaders and their teams as well as working with those leaders to create custom solutions that include everything from powerful keynote speeches through to long term group and private coaching.

Honoring his own mission for more strategic solitude in the world, he has a self-confirmed obsession with word-burning saunas as well as crafting experiences of effortless belonging over food. Taking this passion one step further he and his family are actively working to build a small boutique luxury hotel for leaders who want to create magic moments with their family.


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