Carolyn Strauss

Peopling, reinvention, sales expert

Carolyn Strauss

Peopling, reinvention, sales expert

Your Smart, No Risk, High Reward Speaker

Events are expensive. Content can be found online. Attendee expectations are higher than ever. How do you ensure your event is a success?

Carolyn Strauss is your answer! Whether you need a skilled, experienced, professional speaker with 25 years of platform and on camera experience to increase engagement and energy at your event. Or you need an emcee to optimize the flow of your event to ensure a positive shift in your audience’s mindset, skillset, and toolset, Carolyn will help you achieve ALL your event’s objectives.

From keynotes, to masterclasses to breakout sessions your audience will remember long after your event is over, Carolyn is the secret more than 500 event planners just like you have used to elevate their events from ordinary to amazing.

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Sales: The Art of Persuasive Peopling

There are 3 kinds of buyers, those who buy exclusively on price, those who are looking for your differentiators, and the combo buyer who is price conscious but has the discernment to appreciate the right offer at the right time. Assessing which buyer you are dealing with right from the beginning can save time, energy and help frame a relationship for sustainability well into the future. This interactive and applicable Keynote will help Sales Professionals craft their story using the Exactly What to Say language to deal with any objection and quicken the sales cycle, to get to “Yes” or “next” to optimize their Dollars Per Minute©. “Good sales people know what to say… Great sales people know what to ask!”

This keynote will cover how to apply all of this information to any product or service to amplify sales.  Perfect for real estate professionals, retail, automotive industry and financial associations.

Key Takeaways:

Effective Execution: Get Work Done Without Killing Your People

As a leader, you request projects and outcomes; but what comes back is surprisingly not what you intentioned. Your team is clear as to who is responsible for what but they feel an unbalanced workload. Your people use lists to get tasks done but the distinction between a project list and a task list has people wasting time. And imagine another year goes by with things moving as they are, is that good enough?   Add to that, the new challenge of the remote vs. in-office dilema, and getting things done makes it more important to be clear than ever!

Execution is not what you think. The key to effective execution lies in the preparation…the work before the work. The more energy and focus you put into the intended outcomes, allocation of resources and gaining of commitment, the faster and more successfully any project will come to fruition.

This keynote (or workshop) is strategically designed to anchor the 8 simple, clear and implementable steps that take the uncertainty out of getting projects done, keeping everyone engaged and energized, and moving companies agendas forward.

Key Takeaways:

Exactly What to Say: Using this Framework to make your company and product Irresistible

Using phrases in the best-selling book, Exactly What to Say, communicating intentions, outcomes and challenges becomes less risky and more rewarding. Any misunderstandings between people is usually a result of a communication that didn’t land or resonate with one of the parties involved. Asking questions, staying curious and understanding how people are always doing things for their reasons, creates grace and space for negotiations and communication to move forward. Even if it feels stuck. Using this powerful book as a tool, can help anyone communicate their value while valuing one another. This customized keynote is great for managers, sales directors, CEO groups and corporate sales teams that want to up their game.

Key Takeaways:


For over a dozen years now, Carolyn Strauss is a go-to resource for my work as a Peer Group Facilitator…When we need an outside resource speaker to bring fresh ideas and content, she always delivers…From in person workshops with CEO group members to weekend retreats with members and spouses, Carolyn engages everyone in the room effectively. In 2020 she executed one of the ‘great pivots’ as a speaker and presenter…she immediately ‘buckled down’ and figured out how to be super-effective as a virtual speaker in a variety of environments and for various audiences. She has presented multiple times to our CEO groups, getting rave reviews and requests for more…Looking forward to another session with her in July 2021!
Ben Griffin, Authorized Partner & Certified Practitioner at PXT Select™

For three years, I brought Carolyn to the ASI Shows to speak to the promotional products industry about sales success. Her scores and comments were consistently great, and I highly recommend booking Carolyn to work with your company. She is incredibly smart, easy to work with and fun to be with, and she creates incredible value for our Show attendees.
Kerry Boderman, Education Director at Advertising Specialty Institute

Carolyn spoke to both of my CEO/Business Owner peer boards recently and brought a great deal of business expertise that other speakers have not provided to my groups. Any organization or company that wants to think differently and be disrupted would benefit from bringing her in… She’s powerful, knows her stuff, and speaks with experience and first-hand knowledge from owning her own business. I highly recommend her.
Rod Thurley, Vistage Chair

I heard Carolyn speak in my Vistage group (through zoom) and absolutely loved it. I thought the content was simple yet powerful and she was incredibly engaging virtually. Everything discussed was clear enough to immediately implement in my personal and business life. I have been a Vistage member for over 5 years and she is one of my favorite speakers we have ever had. I would absolutely recommend her to any Vistage group or to consult with any business looking to take their team health and communication to the next level.
Jared Mizrahi, PCI Auction Group


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Carolyn Strauss has 30 years experience of selling and training experience, spending most of her life on stage and camera studying and working with some of the foremost experts in the world on business strategy, gender communication, and voice dialogue.

She specializes in selling and with her help, you will be able to optimize your team so that you can get the very best communications going.

Through a lifetime of entrepreneurial ventures, a successful modeling career, years of retail experience and a television career, Carolyn has a varied background where she has been exposed to nearly every type of enterprise.

Her mission is to teach her many years of selling and training experience to the people and organizations that need help. She has successfully sold millions of dollars worth of products to the masses, and she wants to let you know that with the right attitude and approach, you can do the same.

Carolyn’s lessons are available through keynote speeches, virtual training, and business consulting retreats. She also works alongside smaller business groups providing intimate workshops about how to increase selling potential.


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